Robin's Transformation Story

At 55 years old, Robin lost 24 lbs and 24 inches in only 12 weeks!


What an inspiration!! Age is definitely just a number.

At 55 years old, Robin lost 22lbs and 24 inches in her first metabolic 12-week program! Check out Robin’s amazing progress. I am so incredibly proud of her effort!!

When I first met Robin; she told me she struggled for years with her body-weight. She tried many different programs/diets and could never find something that worked and was sustainable. She was looking for a permanent and sustainable solution that she could enjoy and would fit into her life.



We started off with a metabolic classification which gave us a clear direction forward with her program and also gave her a clear timeline when she could expect amazing results. As the weeks unfolded; Robin was diligent about completing her online tasks and staying accountable in our group. She started feeling better both physically and mentally within the first week. Robin only spend about 2-3% of her week exercising with efficient programming and exercise so she never wasted time in her gym.

I am so amazed by Robin’s dedication and commitment towards her new way of life. She has changed her life for the better and now wakes up looking good and feeling good! It makes this so rewarding for me when I see the smile and confidence on Robin’s face as she achieves her goals!

Check out what she has to say below:

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