Matt's Story

After only 12 short weeks; Matt dropped 21lbs and 15 inches off his body.


I couldn’t be prouder of Matt and his incredible success in such a short amount of time. He is proof that consistency pays off. We worked together for 12 weeks and he hit so many milestones along his journey!

Matt works extremely hard as a firefighter in the state of Massachusetts. As you can imagine, a firefighter must be ready to go at a moment’s notice and can be called all hours of the day. Matt is extremely dedicated in his role as a firefighter and he understands how important health & fitness is to this role. Matt needs to be able to function very well and must maintain a level of strength and fitness in order to perform his job.


When Matt approached me about wanting to drop some body fat, get leaner and more fit; his health was starting to decline. He was overweight, chronically fatigued, and on medications for gastrointestinal issues. Matt was only 35 years old and doctors labeled him as obese for his age group. Matt tried a few programs in the past with no permanent success. He wasn’t clear on exactly what type and amount of exercise to do or how to eat correctly to achieve his goals.

We started Matt off on a course for success by first diagnosing his metabolism with my metabolic diagnosis formula which allowed us to get a clear understanding of where Matt’s metabolism currently is. This information let me design the exact amount and type of exercise to get Matt started making results and gain confidence that he was doing exactly what he needed to do and not overtraining with the wrong type and amount of exercise. We worked on Matt’s nutrition and he started eating to feed his body with delicious and nutritious food on a regular basis. He started eating metabolically precise meals which helped him recover from his hard workouts, start building muscle and teaching his body to burn fat.

After only 12 short weeks; Matt dropped 21lbs and 15 inches off his body. This included 5 inches off his waist and 6 inches off his hips. He is following an efficient and sustainable plan for exercising and eating healthy. Matt developed more endurance, strength and feels much less fatigued with more energy. This has allowed Matt to show up as his best self for his important work as a firefighter.

Matt stated “During the 12-week program I developed more endurance, strength, and felt less fatigued. The meals were fantastic and the number of different recipes from the cookbible made eating healthy fun and very enjoyable. I can truly say that I never felt hungry because of the timing and frequency of meals. I lost 20 plus pounds and feel so much better. Since starting this program with Paul, I haven’t taken any medications for my past stomach issues and I am now able to eat foods that I couldn’t prior to starting this. Paul has taught me how to feed my body what it needs to enhance my metabolism. Eating healthy has been a big change for me and this has opened my life to healthier and more enjoyable eating.”

I am so happy for Matt’s success and the way he changed his life. I couldn’t be prouder than I am for him. I want to thank you Matt for what you do as a firefighter; this is an extremely important job that most of us, including myself, don’t know what all goes into it. Thank you!!

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