Jodi's Transformation Story

At 52 years old, Jodi lost 24lbs and 16 inches in only 12 weeks!

Need a dose of motivation? Age is just a number. At 52 years old, Jodi lost 24lbs and 16 inches in only 12 weeks! Check out Jodi’s amazing progress. I am so incredibly proud of her effort!!

When I first met Jodi; she stated that she had problems with her body weight for as long as she could remember. She tried so many different diets in the past and never found something that worked and was sustainable. She wasn’t sleeping well and would wake up tired and lacked energy throughout her day. She told me she wanted an efficient program that she could do at home and she wanted to enjoy eating.

We classified her metabolism with my metabolic diagnosis formula and started her with the exact type and amount of exercise she needed to start getting results. As the weeks went by; Jodi was diligent about completing her online tasks and I could tell she was 100% dedicated. She would reach out and tell me that she lost a few pounds in first couple weeks, then a few more and so on. She was regularly consuming 3-4 metabolically precise meals a day and a progressive resistance training designed to get her lean was a regular part of her program. She was also doing a couple sessions of precise, targeted intense cardio exercise (ICE) in order to further boost her metabolism and shed fat.

At the end of her program; Jodi had shed 24lbs and 16 inches off of her body! Jodi stated that “I have never eaten this much food while still losing weight and inches.” She has developed cornerstone habits in her life and clearly understands the habit loop and how to eliminate habits that don’t benefit her, and implement ones that do. She is learning so many skills including Fast, Delicious, Nutrition (FDN) which makes food prep a breeze and keeps her on track. She loves the way she eats, and food is so much more enjoyable than it was before she started with me.

I am so thrilled with the effort Jodi has put towards this and her accomplishments. She has changed her life for the better and now wakes up looking good and feeling good! One of the most rewarding things about my time with Jodi was when she told me that she put her wedding dress on and fit into if for the first time in 17 years! So proud of you Jodi! Keep up the excellent work.

There is nothing more motivating than results, and that’s what I specialize in here. If you want a clear and efficient road map to becoming your best self; schedule a strategy session with me now.