Bethany's Transformation Story

Bethany made tremendous results over 12 weeks!


Bethany lost 10lbs and 10 inches off of her body. When I met her, she told me she wanted to look and feel better. She only did cardio exercise and often felt tired and lacked energy throughout her day. She attempted a few programs in the past but nothing worked for her.

We classified her metabolism with my metabolic diagnosis formula and started her on a program of efficient exercise and eating which gave her body what it needed for her tough workouts and allowed her to start burning fat.

In a short 12 weeks; Bethany dropped 10lbs and 10 inches and is now on a sustainable and efficient plan of exercise and eating that she can maintain for the rest of her life. She now realizes the benefit of doing progressive resistance training and how it enhances body shape. She has developed more endurance, strength, and now feels so much better with more energy. She enjoys food and totally understands how to make food work for her and is no longer scared of carbs. She stated that “I never feels hungry because of timing and frequency of meals.”

So proud of Bethany’s efforts toward this and the way she has changed her daily life. Helping people achieve their goals is the reason I do what I do every day! Thanks for letting me be part of your journey, Bethany!

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